Hydrocodone is an addictive opioid drug and also one of the most highly available addictive prescription medications. Though many people have become dependent on and addicted to this drug, hydrocodone rehab is available to help those individuals recover. 

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Why Choose Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment

Hydrocodone addiction is a serious issue. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, it has been the second most frequently encountered prescription opioid in drug evidence in all levels (local, state and federal) in the United States since 2009. The drug causes pain relief and relaxation, but large doses can create euphoria as well.

  • It is highly difficult to break free of a hydrocodone addiction on one’s own, especially because the drug is so widely abused. Many people who try to quit on their own have trouble simply because the drug is so easy to get. This can quickly lead to relapse, which can be very dangerous with a drug like hydrocodone.
  • There are other dangerous side effects associated with trying to recover from hydrocodone without professional help. Detox without medical monitoring can be life-threatening, and it is also the most likely time for a person to experience a deadly overdose (National Library of Medicine).
  • You could be risking your own life if you try to recover from opioid addiction without professional care. Rather than focusing on fear, however, consider the relative ease with which you can put your drug abuse behind you if you choose professional treatment.

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It is best to give yourself the right tools with which to recover from addiction, and you can receive these through hydrocodone rehab. After all, addiction is a disease and a medical issue, and you will require the proper treatment to be able to overcome it safely.

Hydrocodone Rehab – Step One Detoxification

The first part of hydrocodone rehab is hydrocodone detox. This program will allow you to put your dependence on this drug behind you and go through withdrawal as safely and painlessly as possible.

  • There are several different types of detox programs, including inpatient and outpatient facilities. Those with more severe symptoms should often seek inpatient care, although your choice will likely depend on your own situation and needs.
  • Usually, two types of treatments are used in hydrocodone detoxification: medications and behavioral therapies.
    • Medications are used to treat withdrawal symptoms, stabilize the patient, and in some cases, treat comorbid mental disorders.
    • Behavioral therapies are used to treat mental disorders and psychological effects of withdrawal as well as to help the patient prepare for rehab.
  • Medications like clonidine, methadone, or buprenorphine might be used to minimize withdrawal symptoms and make the patient more comfortable during withdrawal.
    • Many people believe that the best way to get over opioid addiction is to go through withdrawal cold turkey. This is untrue because not only is it unsafe, it can be needlessly traumatic and painful (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration).
    • Addiction is not logical; therefore, the idea of going through a painful withdrawal to deter the use of hydrocodone in the future is not effective. What is more helpful is safe, managed withdrawal followed by rehab.

Those who seek out hydrocodone detox centers must remember that detox is only the first part of recovery and that rehabilitation should follow this program. After all, detox treats dependence, not addiction.

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Hydrocodone Rehabilitation

Hydrocodone rehabilitation comes in many forms, and treatment itself should be catered to the individual patient. Since there are so many types of rehab, it is best to consider which will work for your recovery and to seek out the program most resembling your top choice.

  • Rehab centers offer different addiction treatment options from inpatient centers to outpatient centers and partial hospital programs to intensive outpatient programs. Some are more intensive than others and offer more supervision, managed care, and security.
    • Those who are afraid they will return to using hydrocodone when not supervised may want to choose a 24-hour rehab program like an inpatient or residential center.
    • Every patient is different, however. You may feel perfectly safe seeking outpatient care and asking your loved ones to watch over you in the evenings.
  • For hydrocodone addiction, there are usually several types of treatment options available:
    • Medications that minimize cravings, stabilize the patient and treat comorbid disorders
      • Methadone
      • Buprenorphine
      • Naltrexone
      • Antidepressants
    • Behavioral therapies that teach coping skills and ways to avoid the triggers, cravings, and stresses that could lead to relapse
      • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
      • Dialectical behavioral therapy
      • Family therapy
      • Group therapy
    • Holistic methods that provide a whole-body treatment experience for patients and offer another layer of recovery support
      • Adventure therapy
      • Stress management
      • Social skills
      • Yoga

Of course, not every treatment center will offer every one of these programs, and there are many types of facilities available for hydrocodone-addicted individuals. Whatever you need in terms of recovery help, it is important to seek it out, so you can smoothly transition from a life of drug abuse to a happier, safer existence, free from hydrocodone and its dangerous side effects.

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