Who You Meet In Drug Rehab

Drug Detox Alcohol Detox | Drug Rehab | Man reclining on beach enjoying his time in recovery and detox or rehabIn every chapter of your life, you’re certain to meet people with exciting, unique personalities. In my 23 years of experience, however, I promise you that nobody has ever compared to the eccentric and wonderful people I met at alcohol and drug rehab. Drug rehab has amazing benefits supported by research, but what isn’t reported in the research are the personal connections you make along the way.

It seemed like everybody displayed an eccentric persona, and frankly, a book could have been written about each individual who I met. In particular, there were several who stood out in the crowd.

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The Staff Members: The Thumper and The Mama Bear

I will l begin with the staff members at drug rehab. There were two stand-outs: The Thumper and The Mama Bear. They were among the most memorable staffers among me and my fellow clients–Miss Look-At-Me, The Princess, and The Loner.

The Thumper—Saving Souls One at a Time

The Thumper was a young, freshly-faced, newly-sober field manager who drove around on the company golf cart force-feeding the Great Big Book down each of our throats. Don’t take that wrong—I was into recovery. But this was the kind of person that we love to hate. He walked around reciting specific passages and tell you which page to turn to. Every single time he spoke about recovery, his eyes appeared as if they would imminently pop out of his head. He was a really nice guy, but if you’ve ever been to drug rehab or AA, I think you know the sort.

The Mama Bear – She Made Us Feel Safe and Cared For

Next up, meet the Mama Bear. She and Thumper had the same job, but she had several years of experience at drug rehab and was dubbed Mama Bear at some point in time.

This name stemmed from the fact that she made it her mission to ensure that every client felt cared for, safe, and validated. Struggling in the middle of the night? Give her a call and she’d listen, nod her head in reassurance and take notes on her steno pad. The Mama Bear was the single person who inspired me to remain in drug rehab for as long as I did. She was “that person” who motivated me.

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Larger Than Life Personas

When it came down to the other clients at the clinic, most were in my early twenties age group. This was where things became interesting, and personas grew larger than life.

Miss Look at Me

Take Miss Look-At-Me, who was only twenty. From the moment she arrived, you could see that all she ever did was talk about herself. She bragged about her famous Hollywood actress mother, boasted about how many times she had walked the red carpet, and told us about her collection of Louis Vuitton and Hermes bags at home in the mansion.

Clearly, this bravado masked her pain and was an inappropriate coping mechanism designed to keep people at arms’ length. It was clear she was a spoiled brat, but it was hilarious anyway. I’d be a liar if I didn’t say she added a special flair among our group.

The Princess Reigned

Dual Diagnosis Treatment | Outpatient Rehab | Find Addiction Rehabs | Therapy session in a groupThe Princess is actually two different people that I met at two different drug rehab centers on two different times. However, they were so similar; it was stunning to me, and I remember them as a single entity.

The Princess is an individual (not necessarily a girl) who treats her time in drug rehab as a high school popularity contest. The Princess is forced into drug rehab by her unwitting parents and then proceeds to attempt to make the entire experience all about gaining popularity with the other clients. Her favorite thing? Gossip about everyone. In my opinion, The Princess was biding her time, going through the motions, and really didn’t care a bit about her sobriety.

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The Loner

Last but certainly not least, consider rehab’s Loner. This was the very quiet person who we considered part of the group. However, he did not contribute anything. One personal observation is that Loners tend to be the people, for some reason, complete drug rehab and stay sober for the long haul. They are very bashful, and when they do speak up, they drop pearls of wisdom into your pocket. The Loner typically exhibits a very kind personality although they can initially come across as unapproachable.

I’ll be honest. Boxing these people up into specific categories is a little strange and probably unfair. You know, though, that you’ll find these types of personalities everywhere you walk in life.

Life threw me an unexpected surprise after drug rehab. After leaving my program, The Loner and The Princess became my very best friend.

The twist to this reality TV-inspired plot? The Loner was gay. And I am The Loner.

Forging Friendships is Critical to Recovery

At times, drug rehab felt like a crazy reality television program. While the personalities there were loud and eccentric, I met some great people that I forged into friends. I know they will be in my life forever.

Allow yourself to immerse yourself in your recovery. Be a tiny bit scared and a whole lot of vulnerable, and you’ll open yourself up to friendships. Those relationships are critical to your sobriety.

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