Ativan Addiction Treatment

Ativan is a brand name medication that contains lorazepam, a benzodiazepine drug. Ativan can be taken safely for the treatment of anxiety, but unfortunately, many people abuse it in order to experience a strong high. When this happens, Ativan addiction treatment is necessary.

What Happens When Someone Abuses Ativan?

Often, because the drug is prescription-based, people are falsely convinced that taking it in any amount is not risky. This is very untrue, as many dangerous results can occur when someone begins abusing a medication like Ativan.

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This substance can cause intense euphoria when taken in larger doses than prescribed, and in time, this can lead to dependence, tolerance, and addiction. Those who become addicted will not be able to stop taking the drug on their own and will need professional Ativan treatment in order to stop.

Dependence can cause a person to need Ativan in order to function properly. Without the drug, they will experience withdrawal symptoms, many of which can be life-threatening. Even those who take the drug as prescribed will become dependent over time and could turn to abuse just to manage their dependence. This is also a potential side effect of drug tolerance, which can cause a person to need more and more Ativan just to experience the same effects.

People who overdose on benzodiazepines like Ativan put their lives in danger. As stated by the Drug Enforcement Administration, overdose can cause:

  • Slowed respiration
  • Cold, clammy skin
  • Dilated pupils
  • Irritability
  • Sleepiness
  • Unconsciousness
  • Coma
  • Brain damage
  • Death

Ativan detox and rehab are necessary programs for those who become addicted to this drug. You don’t have to wait until you hit rock bottom to seek these programs out either. In fact, it’s better to start now.

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How to Wean Off Ativan Safely

You will need to seek medical supervision in an Ativan treatment center. Although many people hope to go through detox at home, it is usually unsafe, especially with a benzodiazepine drug. Instead, professional care will be necessary.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, Ativan shouldn’t be suddenly discontinued, especially in someone who has been taking it for a long time. This is unsafe and can even be life-threatening due to the psychological symptoms that can potentially be caused by withdrawal.

In this case, other benzodiazepines might be used to wean the individual off their dependence. This is the most common form of detox, especially for syndromes where there is no specific drug approved to treat withdrawal.

Still, many people wonder how to get off lorazepam naturally or without the use of benzodiazepine drugs. This is usually considered too dangerous for this particular type of medication. Most doctors would not recommend patients going off Ativan without medication (or going through withdrawal cold turkey). If you must do so, choose a natural or drug-free detox center that can provide you with medical or hospital-based care that will be monitored by doctors and nurses.

After detox, patients who were dependent on Ativan will usually need rehabilitation treatment. Without it, one cannot be considered fully treated for addiction and will be much more susceptible to relapse.

Ativan Addiction Treatment – What to Expect

Ativan rehab is a necessary part of recovery. This is largely because the drug itself is addictive, so anyone who has been abusing it will require addiction treatment.

Behavioral therapies are the most important part of Ativan addiction treatment. These programs can help patients:

  • Avoid relapse
  • Recognize and avoid triggers
  • Understand and deal with cravings
  • Learn to talk to other people about their addictions
  • Live their lives without substance abuse
  • Deal with stress and other issues in their lives that could cause them to relapse

Some of the most commonly used behavioral therapies for Ativan addiction include cognitive-behavioral therapy, group therapy, 12-step facilitation therapy, contingency management, and motivational enhancement therapy.

In some rehab centers, patients may also receive access to additional treatment programs like 12-step groups, medications, and holistic treatments such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture, etc.

Rehab from Ativan requires patients to be in a safe environment where they can recover. In many cases, inpatient care is the best option because those who start taking Ativan in the first place are often suffering from an anxiety disorder, which is called dual diagnosis when also associated with addiction.

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