Alcohol Rehab Arizona NOT DONE

If you are opting to go to an alcohol rehab center in Arizona, you have a few stunning and amazing options to go with. Rehabilitation for you or your loved one is one of the best things that can possibly happen to change a life. Keep reading to learn more about alcohol rehab centers in Arizona, what to expect during your rehab stay, and the process it involves.

Alcohol Rehab Arizona – What You Need to Know

Alcohol rehab is more of a process than it is a place. If you or your loved one is considering an alcohol rehab in Arizona, the process (in simple terms) includes discontinuing the use of alcohol and remaining permanently abstinent from it. The treatment process usually starts with a detox period, rehabilitation, and sobriety maintenance. Each of these stages is extremely important to you in order to stay sober. It is not recommended that you rely on medication during rehab, but sometimes medication is utilized. Also, it’s strongly recommended that you have a comprehensive strategy and relapse prevention plan in place before leaving your rehab center.

What Will Happen During Your Stay in an Arizona Rehab Center

There are six basic phases that will happen during inpatient alcohol rehab in Arizona. Generally, inpatient alcohol rehab will take about a month, but we will talk more about that later. What’s important for you to know and understand is the process. Completing rehab is strongly advised – you will have so many valuable tools in hand when you get out, and your chances of relapse will be less frequent. Let us take a look at these six steps a little closer:

  1. Alcohol Dependence Assessment: When you enter rehab, the staff will access your own personal situation. This will help them understand your mental and physical dependence on alcohol in order to create a plan customized to your needs. Usually included in this step is a drug test, a personal situation assessment, and a psychological screening.
  2. Medical Alcohol Detox: Roughly 3-5 hours after your last drink is when the detox process starts. In this time, you will be medically supervised. Medication may be necessary in some cases in order to prevent extreme cases of detox such as seizures. You’ll be safely monitored as the alcohol leaves your system.
  3. Therapy and Psychological Treatment: What are the underlying causes of your illness? Therapy is one of the most important steps in your rehabilitation process. Psychotherapy helps tremendously to not only address trauma, but it can help prevent relapse and improve the overall quality of your life.
  4. Pharmacotherapy: Using medication to help treat alcoholism is very popular and can be a valuable tool during your stay at an alcohol rehab center in Arizona. Some of these medications are mood stabilizers, while others will make you sick, should you decide to pick up a drink. Pharmacotherapy is used in individual cases – not everyone needs them.
  5. Learning About Addiction: Alcohol rehabs will educate you about the vicious addiction cycles, and they aim to give you information about alcohol abuse and alcoholism. The purpose of this education is to help you or your loved one stop the cycle of abuse.
  6. Services for Support: One of the main goals of rehab centers is to empower you to continue seeking services outside of treatment (such as AA meetings) in order to seek a positive support system.

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Alcohol Rehab Centers in Arizona – How Long do They Take?

This might be one of the first questions you are contemplating before taking this amazing opportunity to heal yourself. It’s a tough question to answer because rehab treatment varies widely from person-to-person. No two people have the same exact treatment plans. The median rehab process lengths include 4 days of detox, 16 days of hospital residential treatment, 90 days of long-term residential treatment, and 130 days of outpatient treatment.

Generally, the whole rehab process takes anywhere from 30-90 days, depending on how severe your case is. If you have a severe alcohol dependency, like those that co-occur with mental illness, you might need extended treatment. Top-quality alcohol rehab centers in Arizona offer clients personalized treatment plans that will take care of your personal needs.