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Substance abuse and drug addiction are on the rise in Alabama as the state was reported as having the 17th highest opioid prescription rate in the United States in 2018. Deaths relating to alcohol were also quite rampant in Alabama. According to Statistics, Alabama was also stated to be the State with the 17th highest rate of death relating to alcohol and alcohol-related substances. From 2013 to 2014, the death rates relating to the overdose of the drug in Alabama increased by a whopping 20 percent.
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Addiction Treatment in Alabama

Drug abuse and eventually, addiction could lead to a plethora of terrible consequences. Some of these include but are not limited to death, financial struggles as a result of over-spending on this substance, issues with the law, amongst other health complications. This is why it is important to get a rehab center that would help one get over his or her addiction. Alabama is one of the places to consider for this healing process.

With its peaceful scenery and remote settings, drug rehab centers in Alabama are ideal for getting over an addiction.

There are many centers where one can get the treatment needed to help with drug addiction as well as alcohol addiction, amongst other various forms of addictions. For the most part, these treatment centers are available for free and also include counseling sessions with therapists. Most private treatment centers offer in-patient services, partial hospitalization, out-patient services of medical detoxification.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment 

At the beginning of 2011, there were approximately 15,000 clients who sought after drug abuse rehabilitation in a couple of these treatment facilities in Alabama. These drug abuse rehabilitation centers take have been seen to be accorded more importance because they are more than mental health institutions. Substance abuse treatment centers take priority with 103 being available. However, mental health institutions are only limited to a total of 33 in Alabama. It is therefore evident that mental health issues are not given the same importance in this State.

It is recommended that more institutions that pay attention to mental health be open or better still, both services should be provided by the same institution. This is because as earlier observed, a large amount of substance abuse cases stem from mental health issues. Consequently, it is only fitting that both areas are given equal recognition as attending to the cause of the substance abuse takes care of the substance abuse itself.

In-Patient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

This serves as the name implies involves the patient being hospitalized. This can be due to different reasons. First, it may be because the seriousness of the patient’s condition warrants such. Second, it may be due to the patient’s general decision to stay away from temptations. Third, it may also be that the patient just wants to enjoy the beautiful remote scenery in Alabama.

It is a norm for this in-patient treatment process in Alabama to begin this process with detoxification. After which they can then proceed to the actual treatment the facility has to offer. This service involves care for the entire 24 hours in a day from well-seasoned therapists.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

This healing process involves going to the hospital or treatment center for sessions which could last for as long as six hours every weekday. This particular hospital treatment process makes it possible for the patient to be able to go back to his or her loved ones after each day. They also get to experience more intensive sessions than out-patients.

Outpatient Rehab in Alabama

In this healing process, the patient does not stay in the hospital for as long as in-patients or partially hospitalized patients do. They come in for just three days a week. Each session would also last for just three hours. This service is ideal for patients who have anxiety from being hospitalized. It is also perfect for patients to develop essential life coping skills.

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